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Drivers Licence - Driving School

The Road Professor Driving School specialises in providing driving lessons to learner drivers. Driving lessons are aimed at helping young drivers as well as mature aged drivers obtain their drivers licence in the state of Victoria. A motor vehicle is now an important means of transport for commuters in Melbourne and across Victoria. The driving school tailors lessons that challenge the practical skills of a student driver.

The Driving School is located in Bentleigh East, which is in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Although the driving school is based Bentleigh East, it services a number of surrounding suburbs. For a more detailed list of the areas serviced – please visit:

Driving School - Areas Serviced

Michael Thiedeman was employed by the Transport Accident Commission ( TAC ) for more than 37 years.

One of the most important decisions a parent and teen will make is selecting a driving instructor. Will issues regarding Road Safety be covered during driving lessons ? Will the learner be taught to drive rather than just be taught to pass the driving test ?The Transport Accident Commission ( TAC ) manages claims resulting from transport crashes involving cars, motor cycles, trucks, buses, trains and trams. Michael was involved in the investigation, assessment and negotiation of more than 20,000 personal injury claims resulting from these crashes. This has given him extensive insight into the causes of crashes, and the physical and psychological impact on individuals and their families.

Michael draws on his wealth of experience and incorporates into his driving lessons many issues about Road Safety.
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